Saturday, November 25, 2006


Today is Saturday. Today I am being lazy and eating my halloween candy. I can't get Phantom of the Opera music out of my head, because my friend and I watched it twice, all the way through, at our sleepover. Everything is quiet, and I can hear the computer humming. It's kind of freaky, because usually everything is loud: the boys playing, Abe barking, some kind of musical instrument practice. But now everything is quiet. Almost everyone is sleeping, my Dad on the couch, my Mom in her room, Abe at my feet. The boys and Mikayla are outside where I can't hear them. Call me crazy, but now that it is quiet (FINALLY) I want it to be loud again. Don't you always want what you don't have?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Wow there are a lot of birthdays this month!! Lol. Today my little bro is turning 7...I can't believe it!! I was so excited when I found out I had a little brother, and now it's been seven years *sniff sniff*. My mom and dad always say he is so much like me...that's why we argue so much! haha just kidding. He's the coolest little guy, so athletic and smart (just like me) and don't let me forget funny! I can't wait to see him grow up even more...okay now I'm sounding like a mom! (which isn't something to be embarrassed by, all you moms out there) For his birthday he got an acoustic guitar (LUCKY!!!!), a nerf gun dart tag thing, which HURTS if you get hit without the padding on (Jack has already established that by hitting my sister "accidentally" in the neck) some Iowa sweatshirts, and some other little things. I know this is my brother's special day...but I can't wait until it's MY birthday!!!:)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Memme

This is from my friend, I thought it was kinda cool so I posted it in my blog too.

1. Flip to page 18, paragraph 4 - in the book closest to you right now, what does it say? - "One Sunday afternoon I was invited to Mary Agnes's big house off Wilshire Boulevard." from "The Loud Silence of Francine Green" by Karen Cushman.

2. If you stretch out your left arm - as far as possible, what are you touching? - air.

3. What's the last program you watched on TV? - Hannah Montana on Disney

4. Without looking, guess what time it is. - 9:15. Actual time, 9:15! haha!

5. Except the computer, what can you hear right now? - The movie Cars playing that my sibs are watching.

6. When was the last time you were outside and what did you do? - I walked my dog.

7. What are you wearing? - abercrombie jeans, an pink v-neck tshirt, and a white lace cami

8. Did you dream last night? If you did, what about? - nope.

9. When was the last time you laughed? - When I was talking to my friend Celena last night on AIM.

10. What's on the walls, in the room you're in right now? - A picture from Vietnam, a kids portrait, and a cross

11. Have you seen anything strange lately? - nope.

12. What do you think about this meme? - it's different, but cool.

13. What's the last film you saw? - "She's the Man"

14. If you became a multimillionaire, what would you do with the money? - Help all the Third World countries.

15. Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know. - I play the viola.

16. If you could change one *superficial* thing in this world - not involving politics - what would it be? - I dunno.

17. Do you like dancing? - Yes.

18. George Bush? - Don't know him well enough.

19. What do you want your children's names to be, girl/boy? - girl: Kasey or Kelly, boy: Garrett or Matt

20. Would you ever consider living abroad? - I dunno what thay means.

21. What do you want God to tell you, when you come to heaven? - That I did well serving him and that my passed away family is doing well.

22. Who should do this meme? - Everyone!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Early Birthday, Abe!

Saturday is my dog, Abe, 's birthday! I know it must not be that exciting because he's just a dog (as my mom says) but it's still exciting! He's turning one. I just watched a tape of when he came home for the first day...awww! I can't believe how much he's grown. And become more of a phsyco. Haha. This is what a biography of Abe would look like...
Name: Abe
Birthday: 11/11/05
Breed: Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle mix)
Occupation: Family Dog
Hobbies: Jumping in the pool (on purpose), Chasing squirrells, eating anything he can find (even nasty things) rolling in poop, jumping on people, nibbling on fingers, chasing his tail
Specialties: Making you feel better when you're down (because no one can be as much as a dork as him haha just kidding)

There ya have it-well most of it-about Abe. To really understand him I think you would have to live with him, as I do. Happy Early Birthday, Abe! Love ya! <3

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm Ba-ack!

Whew it feels good to be blogging again! Wow so much has happened since like July so where to start...
School has been going good, not too hard or too easy. Tons of homework, though expected. My least favorite subject in Spanish, not because it's hard but because my teacher is >:(! But you can't go through school without having an evil teacher so you can't complain...
No softball since July, it's not the season for it. I dunno how I'll survive! Haha just kidding. I did do swimming for my school though, that was fun ( and easy ) but now I'm doing it on a team not related to school. It's harder, and we have super snore meets every 2 weeks. Blah.
Last Friday was the school dance!! So many good good songs though. They were all very old, like "Temperature" by Sean Paul and "Dontcha" by the Pussycat Dolls. Oh well, I had a good time.