Sunday, December 17, 2006

Video Project

So in Eastern Hemisphere my teacher, Mr. Schoren, gave us this project on East Asia. We either have to write an advertisement about an invention from East Asia or record one on an audio tape or a video camera. Of course, I chose the video project. I barely EVER get to use my parent's "new" video camera (it's small and 3 years old) so this was my chance. Today my partner came over to my house to work on it. We did the invention of silk. It was very interesting. My partner had to dress up like a Chinese person. (Hint: chinese shirt w/ shoulder pads.......eww) I quote my partner: "We BETTER get an A on this." It was very silly, but informative. Did I mention that the whole class will see this tape? I might just die of embarrassment. Tell my family members and friends that I love and will miss them.

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