Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stupid wrist!

So this weekend I went up north to our friends' cabin, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere/30 min from Traverse City and ski resort Crystal Mountain. My family skiied and I was trying how to learn to snowboard. Lemme tell ya it's not easy! Snowboarding is waaaaaaaaay harder than skiing and you fall a lot harder too easy. Since both of your legs are on one board, you can fall two ways: on your face, or on your buttocks. And after a while it hurts. A lot. So I was just cruising down the hill-and had another fall. But memories flashed before my eyes of sitting down and wincing and pain because I had big fat bruises all over my butt. I knew I had to do anything to stop it- so I stuck out my wrist. BIG mistake. Okay, so maybe it really wasn't that detailed but I did what any human would do. And I sprained my wrist. I could still move it but not without screaming my head off. So it wasn't broken. I sprained it. That was in the first 5 hours of boarding, so the rest of the day and the whole of next day I sat home at the cottage and did absolutely nothing. I could barely dress myself without hurting my wrist. Thankfully four very nice dogs kept me company: Roxie, a golden retriever, Mocha, a shitzu puppy, Winnie, a 13-year-old dachsund, and my very own Abe. Thanks guys. And also thanks to everyone who had to put up with me at home while I imagined the family skiing happily and my old cripple self at home. I dunno how school is gunna go w/ the whole writing thing (I screwed up my right wrist) AND I'm typing w/ my left hand now. Wish me luck!

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